Maria Chrzanowska Polish School is serving the Polish community in Edmonton. We strive to teach Polish children their native language as well as Poland's history, geography, and traditions. In so doing, we hope to open their minds and enrich their personal knowledge of the world.

Our teachers were raised and educated in Poland, and are enthusiastic in sharing their wealth of experience and wisdom with the children.

Evidence of our success is manifested in our students. When our youths travel to Poland, they feel like they are at home, even though many of them have been living their whole lives in Canada. Their knowledge of world history and a basic understanding of the issues and culture in Europe benefit them not only abroad, but in their studies in Canadian schools as well, especially as they mature into global citizens. Our students see the value of speaking many languages and of being aware of different societies and ways of life. Undoubtedly, they constitute an integral part of Canada's multicultural community.

Equally important is the parent council, without whom our school could not function. The parent council consists of diverse members, some of whom have been involved since the creation of the school.